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Established in 2017, the IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability is not just another institution; it is a testament to IE University's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating meaningful impact in the world. Strategically situated in the heart of Madrid, a city that boasts a rich and vibrant modern culture, the center benefits from its prime location, drawing inspiration from the city’s innovative spirit and global connections.


We work towards IE’s mission by promoting Social Innovation and Sustainability, encouraging research on the topic, and collaborating with various partners internationally. Our aim is to promote a collaborative effort by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources within our IE community and between our broader partner network and us.


Working with partner organizations willing to support the projects already on our roadmap and initiate conversations about additional opportunities that might contribute to knowledge dissemination, knowledge generation, and leveraging our global network/applied experience.

"We collaborate with our partners to generate the knowledge and tools that will boost their positive impact in the world"

Concepción Galdón - Director of the IE Center for Social Innovation & Sustainability


We look forward to working with partner organizations willing to support the projects already on our roadmap and initiate conversations about additional opportunities. Our work is guided by three fundamental pillars:


This pillar prioritizes applied research for practical solutions based on empirical evidence, rigorous impact evaluations for informed decision-making, and the broad dissemination of best practices to promote continuous learning and innovation.


We create platforms for knowledge exchange, capitalizing on the expertise of our faculty and esteemed speakers. Our commitment extends to training the next generation of social innovation and sustainability leaders, ensuring that IE's educational resources are accessible to deserving individuals who face barriers to traditional learning.


We take pride in designing and executing pioneering impact projects that drive positive change. Simultaneously, we curate high-value communities that serve as incubators for transformative ideas and initiatives.


Delve into the collection of transformative projects that our center has carefully selected, supported, and completed. Each initiative highlights our strong commitment to innovation, societal impact, and the spread of knowledge.


Social innovators strive to solve social and environmental issues, fostering systemic change, sustainability, and community empowerment. In partnership with Fundación MAPFRE, we've supported innovators for the past six years, offering funding, training, mentoring, and companionship. This initiative targets three key business areas: 1. e-Health, 2. Sustainable Mobility, and 3. the Silver Economy. 

Since 2017, we've collaborated with global innovators from LATAM, Brazil (considered its own regions due to its size), and Europe. In 2022, we welcomed a thrilling new competing region too, the United States. Our mission is to identify projects with lasting social impact. Finalists receive mentorship and coaching sessions from IE Business School faculty for the Grand Gala Finale in Madrid, where 3 winners receive €40,000 each. Finalists also join our exclusive global network, Red Innova. 

Learn more about the 7th Edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards! Accepting applications until Thursday, November 30, 2023. For more information click here or visit the official page. 


In partnership with JP Morgan and the Madrid City Council, we've launched the 360° Project to support and transform small businesses in Madrid. Fully funded by our promoting organizations, this project assists vulnerable small business owners affected by the economic and post-pandemic crisis. 

These businesses require a holistic approach, strengthening both their technological capabilities and overall resilience, including aspects like business and financial management. This comprehensive strategy ensures not only immediate recovery but also long-term competitiveness in a changing business landscape. 

For more information click here or visit the official page. Interested in our past work with micro-businesses in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Madrid? Learn more here.


As we are facing new social and environmental challenges, the travel industry is at a pivotal turning point. We must take advantage of the opportunity to work together to support SMEs to jointly drive positive impact in our communities and help the travel and tourism industry in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.  

In alliance with Amadeus, we have developed a social innovation network, TRAVEL4IMPACT, designed to support SMEs to prosper and amplify their positive impact. We are looking for SMEs such as travel agencies, tour operators, accomodation services, destination experiences who want to make a change. 

For more information click here or visit the official page.


The Observatory of Demography is integrated at the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management and our center, The IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability.  

Our research is primarily oriented towards practical applications, with a strong focus on diversity and social innovation within the corporate sphere. Companies represent our primary area of research, and they are the central beneficiaries of our work. We exploit available data and actively seek to fill gaps through methods like surveys, focus groups, and proprietary tools that we develop in collaboration with corporate partners. 

We encourage you to explore our latest research, which is focused on contributing to the agenda of necessary initiatives to manage the increased senior population in organizations and the new intergenerational realities. Promoting intergenerational collaboration is essential as a strategy to create both economic and social value.

For more information click here or visit the official page.


The purpose of the Observatory, in collaboration with FacePhi, is to generate applied knowledge about the potential of new technologies to generate positive social impact, promoting the expansion of the practice of proactive impact management as a central tool in the articulation and subsequent development of innovative projects, intensive in technology and knowledge. 

For more information click here or visit the official page.


"Each of us has the ability to unleash our creativity to find solutions that lift up people and communities"

Muhammad Yunus - Peace Nobel Price Laureate


Meet the dedicated team at the heart of our center, driving innovation and embodying our mission every day.