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Here at IE, we embrace our mission to shape leaders with global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a humanistic approach to drive innovation and change in organizations. Specifically, IE’s Social Innovation Initiative aims to support IE in achieving its mission by instilling in our community the purposeful search for positive impact, providing the necessary education, experience and support that will shape them to make the world a better place. We focus on three main drivers for Social Innovation, consistent with the identity and values of IE: Entrepreneurship (with a focus in Social Entrepreneurship but not exclusively), Technology applied to Social Innovation and Conscious Leadership.

We work towards our mission by promoting Social Innovation academic content across IE’s Schools and Programs, encouraging research in Social Innovation and reaching out to organizations and partners interested in collaborating with IE’s Social Innovation Initiative in achieving its mission. We are here to offer you the tools that can prepare you to make a positive difference in the world. Join us!


(Social) Entrepreneurship

Technology based social innovation

Conscious Leadership


A practical and hands-on approach is needed to solidify the education one seeks to acquire. IE offers that and more, nurturing entrepreneurs, future leaders and academia by providing content, courses, opportunities and a rich social experience, that can help them further your cause to create and promote a positive impact locally or internationally. Students participating in social impact projects can benefit academically, professionally, and personally. Supporting others allows our students to have a better learning experience.

Master in International Relations (MIR) Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

It allows students to understand the working and intricacies of social entrepreneurship turning their ideas into realities with consultation support from Third Half Soccer, Moringa Project and Alma Nativa.

Social Impact Project at Master in Customer Experience and Innovation (MCXI)

Students will work on a creative approach known as Human centered innovation, coming up with solutions to suit people’s needs first (collaboration with a social enterprise) all of this taking place in Spain approved by ANECA (Spanish accreditation).

International MBA (IMBA) Social Impact Project

Students will work with international field partners on strategic high-impact projects emerging from this more culturally sensitive, socially responsible, and self-aware of how to build a rewarding career.

MIF/MIAF: Financieros sin Fronteras (FSF)

As a Learning experience students will promote and Support financial inclusion with certain activities mainly in Africa where access to financial support is limited. You will help to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship.



IE is a global leader in social innovation research. We highlight and help further research in social innovation by facilitating collaborative partnerships among scholars. IE’s research faculty have participated in successful publishing of several research projects on social impact, examples of which are the following:

Protocols & Agreements

The Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Future of the Carbon Market 2016 by Javier de Cendra de Larragán.

Identifying capabilities in innovation projects

Evidences from eHealth 2016 by Arenas, A E; Hidalgo, A; Urueña, A; Arenas Sarmiento, Alvaro.

Entrepreneurs in Community-Based Enterprises

Examining Gender Dynamics Within Entrepreneurial Teams by Julio Orlando de Castro Campbell,; L. Delgado-Marquez,; R. Justo.


We are constantly on the lookout for corporate partners who want to get involved in social innovation initiatives. We are also open to collaborative efforts with exceptional alumni who might need additional resources in making their ideas or projects both a reality and a success. If you’d like to join in our cause, contact us.

Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation Boosted by IE

This initiative aims to support innovative solutions that have the potential to make a major social impact in three categories: 1. Improvements in health and digital technology (e-Health), 2. Innovation in insurance and 3. Mobility and road safety. Fundación MAPFRE and IE work with communities of social innovators in Brazil, LATAM (except Brazil) and Europe to identify projects that have the best chance of effecting social transformation. Finalists will receive support from mentors and specialized coaches to prepare their presentation in the Grand Finale , where 3 winners (one per category) will be presented with a donation of 30.000€ each to boost their projects.

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Digital Transformation for Inclusive Business Development

Students in IE's Master in Visual and Digital Media, as part of their online marketing course, will design online stores and marketing strategies for selected small local merchants and artisans. Thanks to the support from J.P. Morgan, beneficiaries participating in this project will receive the tailor-made working online stores and already optimized marketing strategies designed by students. Also, each beneficiaries will have a mentor to guide them as they incorporate online sales to their daily operations. This project combines fieldwork and academic research, aimed to design, develop and test a methodology to promote technology adoption among small business owners.

Financieros sin Fronteras (FSF)

Financieros sin Fronteras was created as a response to the need to strengthen the microfinance sector in Africa, we are constantly looking for Partners who want social innovation initiatives as well as collaborating with exceptional alumni in need of resources for their projects to be a success.

IE Network for Alumni in Social Innovation

Our database serves as a platform to connect with alumni involved in social innovation around the world. Our network of diverse social innovation industries includes FinTech, Human Rights, Education, Renewables and Health and Consultancies for NGOs, amongst other. Our database includes 25% of Cofounders or CEOs. Get involved and grow your network of resources.


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