Building a community for like-minded SMEs in the travel and tourism industry


As we are facing new social and environmental challenges, the travel industry is at a pivotal turning point. We must take advantage of the opportunity to work together to support SMEs to jointly drive positive impact in our communities and help the travel and tourism industry in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way. Millions of people, companies and communities across the globe rely on travel to survive and thrive. The only way forward is to work together and to build a more sustainable and resilient industry. We know that travel is a force for good. It broadens horizons, encourages cultural understanding supports communities, unites people and creates jobs.

By working together with Amadeus, we have developed a social innovation network, Travel4Impact, designed to support SMEs to prosper and amplify their positive impact. We are looking for SMEs such as travel agencies, tour operators, accomodation services, destination experiences who want to make a change.

This project is funded by Amadeus and IE University, and it is 100% subsidized for SMEs. With this network, we aim at supporting its members in the development of their digital strategies, the social impact of their value proposition and the sustainability of their business.

All those Travel and Tourism SMEs that have seen the potential that sustainability has as part of their value proposition and who have already taken the first steps in the digitalization of their business, will find a great added value by being part of this network.

We are opening applications for our third edition, now including Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific regions, in March! Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.



We adapt content every edition depending on participant input. The objective of the Launchpad is to enable participating SMEs to share ideas, co-create and work together with peers and industry experts on identifying their needs, and how to evolve their business in order to thrive and increase their positive impact in the communities where they operate. During the Launchpad phase, that will take approximately 4 months, participants will benefit from training by travel and tourism industry leaders, as well as experts in sustainability, business management and innovation. All training provided will be complemented by mentoring and networking opportunities.

Team building & Creating Creative connections

Ellen Buckland


Sustainaiblity: a regenerative mindset

Concepcion Galdon


Deep thinking sustainability: Complexity of coupled human and natural systems + Tutoring Sessions

Francisco Seijo


Future challenges to sustainable development initiatives in the tourism sector + Tutoring Sessions

Francisco Seijo


Lean and Agile Management towards digitalization and sustainability + Tutoring Sessions

Felipe Quintana


Key Resources and Process Management for a More Circular Tourism + Tutoring Sessions

Ximena Muñoz


Eco-Design, Life Cycle Analysis, and Impact measurement + Tutoring Sessions

Victoria Pereda


Storytelling - Creating A Narrative That Engages + Tutoring Sessions

Brian Hallett


Simplicity: the secret recipe to grow with marketing, even on digital channels, in challenging times + Tutoring Sessions

Daniel Agromayor



The network content evolves together with the needs of the community. After completing the launchpad phase, the participants will have the opportunity to become permanent members of the network. We want to create a community, where SMEs can collaborate with other players in the industry and gain insights from real case studies and challenges. The participating SMEs will benefit from Amadeus’ people and technology in support of their needs, to reshape their business in ways that can power growth and generate a positive impact in their local communities. As part of the network, they will receive specialized training, participate in team building workshops, enjoy masterclasses by industry and business experts and take part in collaborative initiatives and projects designed and co-created by the participants themselves.

Matching and collaborative

Workshops, exercises and opportunities to collaborate, connect and identify synergies with other participants


Trainings to support industry knowledge needs and gaps

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities to listen to and interact with renown leaders in the industry


Masterclass format include real case studies that provide learnings from real best practices from leaders in the industry

Beyond class discussions and online groups

Online channels provided to connect, interact and enable conversations with other network participant’s

Access to resources

Opportunity to access useful, relevant and exclusive information such as reports, studies, analysis and others

What's in it for you?

  • Boost your competitiveness and positive impact by accelerating digitalization
  • Incorporate social and environmental sustainability as a differentiating factor for your business strategy
  • Enhance your activity’s value for society and for the environment
  • Benefit from training by travel and tourism industry leaders and experts in business, sustainability and innovation, as well as from mentoring support and networking opportunities
  • Co-create, share knowledge and experiences, and collaborate with other participants
  • Take part in an innovation community and network sponsored by Amadeus and IE University

Selection Criteria

  • I work for an SME within the travel and tourism ecosystem such as travel agencies, hotels, destination experience companies, booking platforms, technological solutions...
  • I have more than 2 years of activity in the market with more than 2 full-time employees
  • I have an advanced level of English
  • I have a proven interest in sustainability, a business footprint in my local community and I am looking to maximize my positive impact
  • I have a proven interest in boosting my business digitalization
  • I consider myself to be enthusiastic about networking, collaborating, and learning together
  • ación y valor social y medioambiental de tu negocio.