A practical and hands-on approach is needed to solidify the education one seeks to acquire. IE offers that and more, nurturing entrepreneurs, future leaders and academia by providing content, courses, opportunities and a rich social experience, that can help them further your cause to create and promote a positive impact locally or internationally. Students participating in social impact projects can benefit academically, professionally, and personally. Supporting others allows our students to have a better learning experience.

Master in International Relations (MIR) Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

It allows students to understand the working and intricacies of social entrepreneurship turning their ideas into realities with consultation support from Third Half Soccer, Moringa Project and Alma Nativa.

Social Impact Project at Master in Customer Experience and Innovation (MCXI)

Students will work on a creative approach known as Human centered innovation, coming up with solutions to suit people’s needs first (collaboration with a social enterprise) all of this taking place in Spain approved by ANECA (Spanish accreditation).

International MBA (IMBA) Social Impact Project

Students will work with international field partners on strategic high-impact projects emerging from this more culturally sensitive, socially responsible, and self-aware of how to build a rewarding career.

MIF/MIAF: Financieros sin Fronteras (FSF)

As a Learning experience students will promote and Support financial inclusion with certain activities mainly in Africa where access to financial support is limited. You will help to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship.